Paul Saltzman shares an extraordinary life experience in a new feature documentary, Meeting the Beatles in India. With new and vivid first-hand details and over 40 personal photos never-before-seen.

The Book

The handcrafted, Limited Edition box set The Beatles in India is a must-have for every Beatles collector.  Includes an insider’s view of that magical time in the ashram.

The Photos

35 unique pictures uncover the most creative period in the life of the world’s biggest band.  See the Beatles like you never have. Own your Limited Edition photographs today.

The Stories

India was a time of inner discovery for the Beatles — and for young Paul Saltzman, who was nursing a broken heart when he stumbled upon the band.  It was an experience that would change his life.

A Collector’s Masterpiece

We can evoke the Beatles’ magic through their music, their words and their photographs, allowing us to experience that time in Rishikesh today.

Paul Saltzman’s photo of John, finger to his ear, is the best picture I’ve ever seen of John Lennon from the Beatles’ era. It speaks volumes.
Cynthia Lennon


Share the Journey

Paul Saltzman came to the ashram to heal a broken heart. He found the Beatles there and spent a week with them.  Now you can experience the photos he took there and the stories that go with them.

Why were John, Paul, George and Ringo there? And what can you see in their suntanned faces in these photographs?

They came to go deeper into meditation. And, India was their single most creative period as they wrote 48 songs in less than 7 weeks at the ashram.

Paul’s meditative photographs from the ashram are unique. You never see the Beatles like this. We took up our silk pantaloons. We could be ourselves again. And who ourselves were—who ourselves are—we were keen to find out.
Donovan Leitch, Singer/Songwriter

35 Museum Quality Limited Edition Prints to Remind You of Your Inner Light

Travel to India and Bhutan in 2025 with Paul Saltzman

“India is an amazing place! It’s a joyful fusion of modern and ancient, and each time I’ve gone there—now more than 50 times—there are new adventures and new discoveries. It’s the most colorful and friendly country of any I’ve visited. It’s a cornucopia of remarkable people and places, of music and soul. If you’d like to join us, we will be a small intimate group of kind, open and friendly people. Along with sightseeing; small, private music recitals; wandering and shopping, we’ll occasionally talk about life as we sip a cool drink and watch some of the most gorgeous sunsets in the world. Above all, we’ll have great fun together.” 

Visit this link for more information: Visit India With Paul!


We’ve done many tours and this is the best tour we’ve ever been on. Paul was the best tour guide ever. The most wonderful thing about this “experience” is the memories that pop up at the least expected time. Exquisite!
Joe & Cheryl, BC, Canada

Your tour of India was so incredible!! I cannot thank you enough, Paul.  From the very special fellow tour members to the unique experiences of music and culture, you created a set of experiences which have changed me and will be forever memorable.    Cathy, TX, USA

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